I'm leaving ~~

I'm leaving ~~ ... lol no really ...

Just change blog, it's now here !!! for the visitor who still visit this one ... you're late comrade !!

It's the new one, so please ..leave this one XD


Chrome Shelled Regios 24 [Final]

..Final episode !! Enjoy !!

It's surely ..The most beautiful episode ! ..I even want to cry because it's ended
I won't spoil you, but you have to watch this serie, but ... There are some little I don't know or I don't understand clearly, about Sara and what's happening ...

Hope there is a second season or at least some OVA's ... yay !!


Eden of the East 11 [final]

..Final episode !! enjoy it !

Next -- anime season arriving !


K-ON 12

Last ...episode ?
Well ... We end the serie by a live performance by "After School Teatime" (ehh !! What is this bandname !)

fuwa ..fuwaaa ~~ Finally, I'm really disappointed ... just a bit, It's a fun show but I was waiting for a real music anime like Beck. Well ...It's just a little normal spice of life. No real originality even these girls attract a lot of people and are the center of this show. So sum up, it's more a girl slice of life anime with a drop of music in.

Well It was funny and that's all.

...hey WAIT a minute ! It's not the end !!!! ...well see you later for the extra episode ... *blush* XD


Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu S2 02

Endless Eight ~ Enjoy !

Finally the seconde episode !! Yay !!

Yay !! have the new OP ! I dont specialli like the song but how the OP is, it's great ! ^^


Here some screenshots (no spoil at all ^^)

..just like us, but It's the beginning for us, Summer holiday ! Yay ! Haruhi, like always, is ..energetic and Kyon always .. is always talking in his head ! Well enjoy the great episode !


Hajime no Ippo : new challenger 24

It's surelly the most powerful episode I ever seen from Ippo ! The last part of the epic match Brian VS Takamura !!!!!
I'm like the speaker, I'm all excited !!! wooooh !!! I can't bear my emotion ..*tears*