news anime _ Eureka7 MOVIE

Ohayo! I'm here to announce news ! I read it a few days ago but I didn't find time to post it ^^ but it's a great news !
Here comes : a Eureka 7 movie (not OAV)

Kōkyō Shihen Eureka Seven: Pocket ga Niji de Ippai, adaptation from the original series Eureka 7 by Studio Bones is back 3 years after the end of Eureka 7.
This movie will not be the continuation of the series but more a sequel / new story.

In the year 2054 AD, the young person Renton joins the 303rd Division Independent from Fight which fights against unknown forms of life called "Image" under the command of the captain Holland NOVAK which(who) leads the troops aboard the vessel Gekko-go. Renton has only an idea in head by joining the army: to save her friend of childhood Eureka, captured by creatures 8 years previously. He(It) is so going to meet to dive into a war aboard Nirvash and the love of the girl and the young soldier will be subjected to many tests, between the duty and the feelings, the truth and the lies, the past and the future, the life and the death, the reality and the dreams. The last fight which will end in the birth of a myth is close...

But we will always see Renton as a soldier, Dominic who will be the "teacher" ..etc. But the story is now originally from a book/novel and not the manga, taking back the characters, universes, subject of the series to propose a new vision.
115 minutes of feature film ... *saliva*
Dammit, it's so cool !
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