First Impression : Guin Saga

I think I forgot Sengoku Basara, I found something more interesting and more epic ! ...Guin Saga !

Far away better, this episode is just a prologue who introduce the first 3 characters : Rinda (I think it's Linda ...), Remus and the leopard ma.. ahem ..Guin.
Well, I'm really waiting for this epic series, I lack a bit of ancient story epic-heroes. This is what I want, and by the way I heard Guin Saga is from a famous novel I have to wait for this !
Really impressive, a good animation (watch the fight with Guin ..woohoo !!), the voices are okay and the story .. no comments ! sound powerfull !
So I'll continue to watch this surely ! ..better than Sengoku, so if you want a epic story and some great fight scenes, watch this !