First Impression : Tayutama, Shangri-la

I won't post screenshot about Shangri-La, and I don't know why but I'm a bit disappointed by the show ...maybe because it's a bit annoying, the beginning ...well I won't post the episode on my blog but you can still watch it on Crunchyroll here (thx Rai ^^) or here. The context about the gas thing and etc. doesn't attract me at all, but I'll continue to watch it because I really wait for it so there is surely something good but the beginning of the serie don't show a big impact.

Tayutama - kiss on my Deity

You will ask ..."what's that ?", well I didn't plan to watch it but the end it's look good. So ..yeah ..again fox-female hottie XD, but Mashiro has a cool character and Mito is maybe a classical hero but it still good.
...and the little cute thing ... nyaa ~~ (second and last pics)
...A bit naive but good, not original but retranscribe perfectly the classical anime with a priest and his "invokation" (FF 8 ? lol) ...