My Impression -- Spring Anime Season

We'll begin with the bad and end with the great animes ~ne~ So first, I'll introduce the some new series also I watched but I didn't post :

°` Anime I won't watch even they're good :
- Tayutama - kiss on my Deity

Yeah too I'm getting a headache.
Well this series is not for me, classical but ..too classical. A fox-woman with a character ... not original at all. To be brief, I won't watch it, even there are cute things in XD

- Ristorante Paradise
Gastronomy anime ? ...Italia (moreover ...bad accent) and this is not an anime for boy as I can see in the only episode I saw. So I put it on one side ... I should let Maya comment it to see if that can interest girls. Some hot ossan ~~

- Saki
...another anime I wont watch now because the main subject is about Mahjong ...mahjong ..blah dont interest me at all. If only I have to watch it's because of others comments on this series or because there are nothing to watch. ... so pass but I'll try to watch it tomorrow... because it's not really mahjong everytime.

°` Series I keep in reserve ... and maybe watch it :
- Sengoku Basara
It's an action serie ...with a dropf of comedy. The cast voice is also incredible, lot of famous voice. Well It can be interesting, will wait more episode to see if that became more interesting or not ...but one thing... it's not really epic .... *aww*
Watching ? maybe ... that depends if this will become more interesting.

- Natsu no Arashi
I waited a lot this serie, author of school rumble and a story plot original. The only thing is the hero, the design of the main male char' is ...blah !! *burning eyes* ... but the design in general is good. Just look the ED and you can see ^^. I don't know everything so I have to read the manga but it's funny so ...
Watching ? ...yeah but I have to get used to watch this man. XD

- Polyphonica
I don't know why but everyone seems not attracted by this show ... nobody want to sub it now ... so bad because it's the same problem for the first Polyphonica which is great. ...well just waiting so... it's different from the last polyphonica but it's still good (and the OP is cool !)
Watching ? yep ! if it's possible with subs :P

- Shin Mazinger
I look the first episode and I understood ..nothing ! lol ... but as a mech' fan (and I like Goldorak so ....) I'll surely watch it !!! *Uryaaa*
Watching ? ...hum .... *thinking*

- Senjou no Valkyria
Very faithful to the game apparently. The design is pleasant, but a war-tactical anime dont catch my look... no no no ... but the show has something else ...
Watching ? ..wait two more episodes.

- Queens Blade
Well ...a lot of friend (..Lockon ? XD) told me to watch this ...sincerely if it's to watch boobs battle no thanks so I have to confirm if it's have a solid story ! The animation and the Seiyuu cast is great ! I wait for your comment Lockon ! ^^
Watching ? maybe ...

°` The shows who have a strong potential ! :
- Hatsukoi Limited
Pretty fun, reminds me Ichigo100% and that's why I watch this show ! ^^
The girl's design is a bit weird but you get used easily so it's not really a problem. Boys ! if you want a hot serie with hot babes ! it's for you !

- Tears to Tiara
One of the serie I wait and I'm not disappointed ! It's satisfying, there are actions, and a story not bad.
And ... even it's not a show original it's good so if you can watch it ! *yeah !*

- Shangri-La
I was first a bit disappointed ..I dunno why ..but I think it's because I wait so much this anime XD. Well It's still good so I continue to watch this ! The story plot seems strong and the animation is great ! what else ? ohh ! maybe a hot babes ..but there are already some very good in Queens blade or Hatsukoi... so they put a crossdresser ? or a gay ? I dont know but this character is original :P

- Cross Game
A baseball anime. The author is known for his manga with a lot of emotion. That's what I like in the show, you can see at the beginning a tragic event. ...I won't say more but ..but way you can pass without saying this anime is great !! *crying ...*
It's a manga "with all color", happy, sad, laugh, tears, ...and more. Even you can't figure out Ko now but you have to read also the manga and you will understand more about him ...he's not a character without emotion.

- Arad Senki - Slap up party
ah ... I didnt a screenshot for it...
Well it's similar to Tales of Abyss but it's not ! it's a serie we should watch during eating potatoes chips ! It's not really naive... no very very funny but it's great !
It's an anime to watch if you watch something original and relaxing.

- Guin Saga
This serie is epic ! It's surely had a strong story plot so I have faith in this serie. After seeing 3 episodes I can say it's great ! that's all ... Guin saga ... or the story of Guin the leopard-man. It's full of actionc, great animation and a bit of mystery.
So if you want something epic', you have this serie I recommanded.

- Asura Cryin'
Asura Cryin', a show I didnt intend to watch but it's done ..I continue to watch lol. It's a serie with Stand (Jojo...) ...yeah ..looks like it's a stand they got, more than a mecha which came from the shadow user. It's not bad, so I'll continue to look but I can trew away it if it's turn to be a naive and simple anime.

- Pandora Hearts
Serie with a great design, a bit like Clamp. It's turn to be interesting because it's surrounded of mystery even it's not a mystic serie. And that's why I continue to watch it now.

°` The show I recommended for you ! !
- Eden of the east
It's the best show this season, and far away the best !! The only thing I can say is "WATCH IT !!!" An original story, an unknow attraction I can feel toward this anime ... it's simply great !
.. only a word can describe it : subarashii

- Phantom ~ Requiem for the Phantom ~
A thriller and action anime's seldom to see it this year. A serie that attract us suddenly ! ...It's a serie we want to suppose the destiny of those two children ... Ein and Zwei who forget their identity because Inferno group took them and made them as a killer ! ... I continue to suppose about their destiny and I wish they will both of them survive at the end.

- K-ON
.. here the moe moe anime with Mio the not-main character (ep ..It's more Yui the main character). ... It's a funny anime ...but I'm always waiting the principal subject of this anime : I wait them to play a song !!! T_T

OutClass ! or the anime which are very good ... or a hidden potential :
- FMA (... bah ...It's FMA ^^)
- Hayate no Gotoku (comedy again, but it's still good ..even Gintama is the best for me)
- Souten Kouro (strong story they say ...)

So ... this season is full of action series ! ... After the romance season, it's time to move it ! *Yays !*
All shows are more or less interesting, some are most attractive like K-ON but the anime which surpass everything is surely Eden of the East ! In term of quality, it's an OAV, the OST are great too and ..of course the story plot is one of the most original this season !
So, I can hold two big mains series (without the Outclass), K-ON and Eden of the East !


finally the review you promised is here XD

it will be nice if there a few screenshot of each anime to see if the visual is nice or not.

I not sure why you so eager of eden, i guess i go download it and see.

Queen blade story wise isn`t worth anything. it was meant as fan service, but the quality of visual is nicely done.


oo. looks like spring has some good anime... i think i'd better resume my anime watching! (was on hiatus for more than one year)


well Like you said I will put some screenshot but later ^^