new Yu-Gi-oh deck !

Thx to Kevin Lee, I discover this SITE who generate some fake-realistic card Yu-Gi-OH !
I'm not a big fan of Yu-Gi-Oh but I had some cards when I was little (20 cards maybe ..not more), and this site can create some personal card you make ! It's pretty fun ^^

Here some exemples :

Card effect combine with Exia R3 and GN-Sword III by adding 5000 ATK.
Release the Burst mode off-Trans-am.
Use one time.

This is funny :P

Thx Again mr Kevin Lee !


LOL you are welcome XD

nice card you have there, i am impressed hahah. you are mio deck while mine is anya deck lol

btw how you make the text in the card bigger?


... oh don't know ... maybe this is the type of card ...