Manga Review: Honey Hunt

HONEY HUNT ( one manga, manga fox) is one manga from Miki Aihara, known for her masterpiece HOT GIMMNICK. It may look easy at the first side, because se dun concentrate at colorings, but when you look closer you see that it is one extremly well drawn!!

Anyways to the PLOT! The story is about the young girl Yura Onozuka! She is incredible introverted and undable to speak off in a crowd. And all that without no reason, because her parents count to the most famouse people in Japan and worldwide. Her mother Yukari Shiraki is estremly pretty and a well known actress, who even got the golden lion at the film festival in venice, while her father Takayuki Onozuka is a famouse composer who won an akademy award! BUt thats only the picture the public as. One day her mother appears to be at home again and Yura finds out that er mother has one long sexual affair with her best friend. After her mother announced the divource from her husband Yura decided to destroy the reputation of her mother, but the sentence " I wan them to burn in hell" infront of all media did not change anything. Only that the manager Keichi got her attention. He tells her to become an actress and beat her mother thru acting. From that moment on Yuras life changes totaly. She is now totaly in the world of famouse people and meets the twins haruka and Q-Ta Minamitani ! haruka itself is one well knwon model and actor and has one icey cold character, while Q-Ta is the lead singer of the famouse band Ash- A! Both seem to have their interest in YUra.........


What the queen has to say:

I actually like the idea! Its like A billion other manga and you imeediatly think at Skip Beat! But its special and ofcourse not like skip beat! I am just guessing around who stayed model for the Minitami brothers, because she writes that Haruka is in Jhonneys Boys and we actually now thats a real company! Maybe yamapi and my dear toma kun! Weeee~ Well after I hate her mother, because she has really something nice on her! I wan Yura to become one glory actress! Though I dun like the fact that she has two guys, and even brothers right from the beginning on! But well lets see! = )